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Can't add My own custom food tag? What's the point?

Needs Syncing

I agree w/ numerous other reviewers - if this synced w/ other users in the household it would be much more useful.

Completes the Vacuvita package

This app is easy to use and well thought out. One thing I would like to be able to do and that is customize contents of the container. Instead of having to use the category "Luncheon Meat or Poultry Pre-Packaged" it would be nice to be able to add a subcategory to that category. For instance it would be nice to add "Foster Farms Sliced Turkey". Maybe since you have scanning capability in the program already expand it so that the specific food being put into the container can be entered by scanning the barcode on the packaging. That would save a lot of typing. Also, based on the barcode the program could adjust it's days for the product to be used to be more specific based on the barcode. Presently luncheon meat is supposed t regarding spoilage. Also if we could input the temperature out fridge and freezer are set to it may improve accuracy. So other than wanting the ability to customize the program is great.

Very good product

I've had the containers and bags for a few months now and they are working very well. I do get a little confused with the storage times. The app states a certain number of max days and the storage chart says another. Other than that I am very satisfied.

Helpful, but needs a few more features

Like another reviewer stated, the lack of a sync functionality between devices is very inconvenient. It would also be nice to switch containers from the "my food" menu without having to re-enter purchase date and labels. Adding the user manual to the app and accessing the blog from within the app would also enhance the user experience.

Love the app and the product!

One suggestion only. Please allow option to take photo to go with the food!

I Want To Customize

I like being able to scan the container to know what's in it, but it would be nice when I have two different kinds of bread to say which is in which container so I don't have to open one to find the kind of bread I'm looking for.

Need Account Sharing

It's an okay app. Easy to use. Would be a great app if you could set up an account and share with other members of the household.

A few improvements needed

This a a good app with a clean interface, as one would expect from Vacuvita. First suggestion would be a way to remove containers, via edit, when they were entered incorrectly, i.e., size. I messed up setting my system and my only solution was to remove the app from my iPhone and start over. Secondly, do they imagine that there are only single person households using the system. Setting up the app on my spouses iPhone required rescanning all the codes on the containers and adding the contents and dates. Likewise, I set the app up on my iPad and found the same problem. Not a usable app for two persons using a Vacuvita system. Many other apps solve this via a synchronize function.

Great app and product

The Vacuvita system is wonderful and this app helps identify what I have stored in my freezer/refrigerator and warns when it needs to be used

Works pretty good

I have used it a few times and it is pretty simple to use. My only question is the length of time the app chooses how long to keep some foods. I put pork in the freezer and it told me it gave me 120 days. I thought it would be longer, but all in all it works fine.

Nice app- but needs labeling help UPDATE

Nicely designed. Edited 11-26-2016 There IS a way to edit the food entries! Look for the little pencil next to the entry. I have changed my rating to 5 stars. -----------original comments below--------- Except for one MAJOR flaw. I cannot label the contents using my own words. Huge missing piece to make this work. This could be fixed by adding an input line for notes. Or by providing a way to work around all those pre-created labels which are just not adequate. Example: I have some leftover steak and potato. I want to store in the my small container in the fridge. My only option is to label it beef steak. I want to know that its from the restaurant by name and has a potato too. No way to do that. I dehydrate a lot of food. The only option for my zucchini chips is "shelf stable food," and there is no option under that even close. It's a good thing that there is a small window in each container. Make that tweak and it's a five star app. Right now it's not helpful. 1 star. I look forward to updating this review when the app is fixed.

Agree with labeling issues

Not being able to enter contents in my own words, instead of being forced to select from a limited predefined list, is a huge minus. That is essential for this app to be useful.

Good initial attempt, but some additional features

Received my system today. Build quality is good, and the home base has a very sleek look - let's hope I can keep it as clean and shiny as it currently looks without scratching it... In terms of the app - the QR codes and the 4 character code on the containers make it simple to distinguish between containers and to record what you put in. I agree with the other reviewer that the ability to add your own description/manual entry would be a useful feature, as would the ability to snap a photo of what's gone in there (oops, just realized that feature is there - tap the camera icon in the corner of the provided photo). But to me the basic feature which is missing is the ability to 'share' with other members of the household - whilst that would require some link to a cloud type account, either from Vacuvita or on say iCloud or Dropbox etc, without it 1 person must become the 'guardian' of the system. Stretch improvements would be linking up with recipe apps or websites that could either provide some sous vide tips & recipes, or just to recipes involving marinates that the Vacuvita system can improve.

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